Sunday, 5 February 2017


A 41-inch bust and a lot of perseverance will get you more than a cup of coffee – a lot more. — Jayne Mansfield*

*Jayne Mansfield, a tireless seeker of fame and self-improvement, also spoke 5 languages and a reported IQ of 163.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday, 5 February 2017”

  1. skyecaitlin says:

    Laura; I thought she was so lovely —but in those days, everyone tried to imitate Marilyn; there will never be anyone as amazing as Marilyn Monroe, and poor Jayne died a horrible death.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      I think Jayne was pushed pretty hard to compete with Marilyn by the studios she worked for. You’re so right about there being only one Marilyn. While I was looking for just the right image, I read a lot about the accident. I had no idea all three of her children were in the car and survived. Was (slightly) relieved to hear that Mansfield was not actually decapitated. The photos I ran across were very distressing.

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