Surprises Inside!


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Guess what? Two weeks from today, THE STRANGER INSIDE hits the shelves, the streets, and the Internet-sphere! I’m as dorkily excited as I ever am when I have a new book. (Read all about it here)

February 5th is the launch date (February 7th in the UK).

But right now I just want to give away a couple of signed copies.

Comment below, telling me what kind of surprise you’d like to find in your house when you turn the key and open your front door. I’ll pick two winners* and announce them at 10:00 a.m. EST on Wednesday morning. Time to get creative, my dears. I want you to read this book. Go!


01/23 UPDATE: Wow! What a sweet, funny, touching, and clever collection of comments. Well done! The generator at says I’ll be sending books to hartfiction and Pricilla Bettis. Congratulations!



*US and Canada only, please

24 thoughts on “Surprises Inside!”

  1. Scarlett Pierson says:

    Sparkly new floors!

  2. hartfiction says:

    I’d love to find a renovated kitchen! haha I’d also love to see my loved ones in for a visit. 🙂

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      Congratulations! Drop me an email at with your mailing information so I can send your book!

  3. I’d love to find a magic gadget that keeps my coffee cup filled and at the perfect temperature so I never have to sip TEPID COFFEE again. Wouldn’t that be marvelous?!

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      Congratulations, Priscilla! Email me at with your mailing information!

  4. Vicki Meetze says:

    I would like to find that all of my “stuff” had been moved into a brand new house without stairs! I would love to find two walk-in closets in the master bedroom!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to find a self-cleaning house with self-cleaning dishes! One can dream!

  6. Colleen says:

    Just a cleaned house, and cup of tea with a good book.

  7. I would love to walk in a find a personalized library, but I’d settle for walking in and finding a clean house and dinner ready!

  8. Shane Vickers says:

    I would love to walk in and be able to hug my mother and grandmother again even for a minute.

  9. Chloe says:

    I would love there to be my cats to be peacefully sitting on my couch….with possibly a couple hundred bills under their paws for a day out. 🙂

  10. Debbie says:

    A house filled with family, friends and love.

  11. Bonnie K. says:

    Shelves in two rooms for my books. My husband had lovingly built bookcases for my books at our previous home. We’ve moved, and I’m in need of shelves. The boxes are piled in two bedrooms.

  12. Cindy Gunnin says:

    I’d love to see the boss rip out all the off-white carpet and replace it with laminate. I got one room done this year 🙂 Rain says she would like to have ‘sement, as in basement, as there is no place to hide from storms and more importantly, no place to play with cricket. She doesn’t believe that we need neither of those things.

  13. Nancy Iselin says:

    Hey Laura! Super excited to read Stranger Inside! Loved the teaser excerpt.
    So, what would I like to find when I open my front door….I would like to see my mom sitting on the sofa, looking out the window watching the birds, as she so loved to do. She passed away last November from Alzheimer’s, and I would give anything to just have one more day with her, as her old self, to chat and tell her how much she means to me!

  14. Jillian Saufroy says:

    It’s 3:48 as I’m finally punching in the code to our periwinkle purple back door. Last year I went through an accent phase and decided to add “hints” of purple all throughout our house. I’m reminded of this silly phase each time I come face-to-face with the damn door. As I forcefully push down on the fourth number, I hear the lock moaning its way to the right, and I actually begin to pride myself at this exact moment because the sun still hangs low in the sky–I’ve made it home before dark! As soon as I kick that door open with my right foot and check the door with my left, I can hear the two things that make my heart happy: a “Hey baby…” followed by the standard noises created by my two small children destroying the toys I stupidly reorganize night after night. As soon as that old door slams behind me, I drop my 90 bags to the floor littered with tiny flecks of dirt from my husband’s boots, I hear the “Mommmmmeeee,” as my two-year-old travels rapidly across the floor to greet me, my son on all-fours trailing behind her. The only thing that could make this moment better (for it could have very well been screaming babies and a complaining husband), is an additional door that I could open, somewhere between the playroom and my kitchen. Behind this door would lie a small place where I could sit, from time-to-time and read, write, or maybe think–here and there, if I’m up to it. I would love to have a small desk where I could place my laptop, after I’ve nestled my grande Caramel Macchiato (with nonfat milk and an extra drizzle) onto a cute little coaster that matches the color scheme I’ve chosen for the room. If I were able to sit in this so-called room whenever I had the free time (ha), I would write and write and write. I would hear murmurs of encouragement from my husband that would gently nudge me into writing that book I’ve been imagining I could possibly write one day. The book that would sit in my own library at work; the one that would turn into a best-selling series–a girl can dream, can’t she? My husband’s deep voice would be sweet and tranquil, rather than demanding and persistent, because I’ve also said I wanted to. This is what I long for, aside from the many blessings I’ve already accepted into my 29-year-old life. I want to open a door to another door. All metaphors aside, I want my nook where I can read and write. I want a dream waiting for me on the other side of another door.

  15. Heidi Houghton says:

    I would like to find a clean house! With three boys (four if you count the husband, lol) my house is forever a mess. It drives me mad. I could probably write a book about a woman who is slowly driven insane by the messes in her house. 😂

  16. marissa brewer says:

    I would like to open my door and find that i have stepped into the past. I would love to find that Frank Lloyd Wright was there making plans for my new house. All my life i have found i am attracted to old creepy houses. I dream about them all the time i want secret little room’s that no one else knows where they are. I love built-ins and would fill all the rooms with old furniture. Or i found out that a relative left me a old Gothic house and i get to go in and go thur all the thing’s and maybe find a ghost or two.

  17. Glenda says:

    It’s winter again. More snow. I’d ♥️ a new Laura Benedict suspense novel, say THE STRANGER INSIDE, to keep me comfort in these creaky early dark nights.

  18. Sandi Hoke says:

    I would love to turn that key and go back in time to tell my brother and dad a million things. When I’m finished I come back and well…. if we are dreaming here-a pantry and when I open it, it’s full of money.😂

  19. Corey Mesler says:

    Either a Chesapeake Bay retriever puppy. Or Alicia Vikander.

  20. Janna says:

    Bradley Cooper

  21. Laura Benedict says:

    I am loving all of these! Will pick two via random generator in the morning. Well done, my creative friends. 💜

  22. Well, I see that you’ve already done the random winner generator thing, but I’d love to turn the key in our RV to find that the dinette booth was clear and there was an extra room (with a slide-out for extra space) for a writer’s cave. I’m already thankful to have a loving, supportive (and incredibly HOT, IMHO) hubby and a loving doggy, so what more could I want except a signed copy of The Stranger Inside?

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