SURREAL SOUTH 2011: The Ghosts and Monsters Volume

There are writers out there who wouldn’t edit an anthology if you paid them a huge sum of money. When we did the first volume of Surreal South in 2007, Pinckney and I had lots of enthusiasm, but little experience. Our work had appeared in several anthologies, and I remember thinking, “how hard could it be?’ Well, it wasn’t exactly easy, but it was a whole lot of fun. For that edition, we asked a lot of favors from well-published friends so we could come right out with a statement about our vision for the series. And those friends came through in a big way.

In 2009, we shifted our focus toward including more emerging writers alongside the better-know folks. We had many excellent stories from under-published and newly-published writers. We also had plenty of original work, which was a lot of fun.

We’re looking for more of the same for this third volume. Given that we now have a bigger pool of submitters, we decided to get theme-specific. Ghost and Monsters are the flavors of the day. We’re serious about that, so if you’re looking to submit, please keep the theme in mind. As always, we see Surreal South as encouraging a bridge between the literary short story and commercial fiction genres.

Be sure to read all the guidelines before submitting. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!