Oh, How I Love Book Clubs!

January 22, 2010 by -

It’s been several months since I was on the road. I think the workshop at the Hindman Settlement School was my last gig. And it’s been almost a year since I toured for CALLING MR. LONELY HEARTS. I can hardly believe it. Today I had a welcome break from my looooong winter writing schedule. I …Read More

Get Your Author-In-A-Box!

January 25, 2008 by - 4 Comments

It’s been a busy, busy week: many pages written, workshops taught, plus a visit to an area book club, which was the most fun of all. The delightful writer and SIU prof, Mary Bogumil, invited me to speak at her book club, Broads Who Love Books and Booze, on Wednesday evening. It was only their …Read More


December 4, 2007 by - 3 Comments

I get such a thrill out of meeting with readers. During a whirlwind 48 hour door-to-door trip between Southern Illinois and Los Gatos, CA (near SFO) this weekend, I got to meet about 20 women who had lots to share about their reading of ISABELLA MOON. Our book party/brunch hostess, Teresa, had printed out reader’s …Read More

And Roomba Shall Henceforth be Called….

December 1, 2007 by -

Here’s the list: Roomba Hrothgar Jr Epitome ET Ruminator R.E.D. Creepy Zombie Robot Thing Carpet Muncher (hey, it was suggested…) Grendel Little Wheelie Dust Bunny Sucker Dust Beagle Grendel Victor Vacuum Kirby Svartalfar Vladimir Mini-Hroth. Zen Puppy. Pig (Personal Ingenious Gadget) Spot Bot Donald Rumsfeld Tamburlaine Leucippus Grendel What a brilliant list–so many terrific choices. …Read More