Oh, How I Love Book Clubs!

It’s been several months since I was on the road. I think the workshop at the Hindman Settlement School was my last gig. And it’s been almost a year since I toured for CALLING MR. LONELY HEARTS. I can hardly believe it.

Today I had a welcome break from my looooong winter writing schedule. I had donated copies of ISABELLA MOON and a book club visit to the Inspiring Women’s Gala auction at SIU last fall. And I was delighted to get together with the ladies of the club today at Panera here in Carbondale. Book clubs are such a pleasure to visit. I get to talk with readers in a relaxed atmosphere, and everyone has something interesting to say.

I loved the energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity of all the women I met today. The time just flew by, and I came home energized myself–ready to finish writing the last couple of chapters of DEVIL’S OVEN. So if you don’t hear from me, you know where I am. Oh, and what I’m wearing. ; )

Aren’t they gorgeous? Thanks so much, ladies!

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