Finishing Endō’s SILENCE–Or Not?

February 1, 2017 by - 4 Comments

I demand a lot of the books I choose to read. Over the last decade my reading has become more directed–possibly narrower. When I reviewed books for a newspaper, I read widely: biographies, memoirs, literary fiction, history, commercial fiction. While I still read from all of those categories, most often I’ll read literary and commercial …Read More

What I’m Reading This Week, 1/25/17

January 25, 2017 by - 5 Comments

One of my writing role models is Margaret Atwood. Did I say “writing role model?” That seems such a trivial phrase compared to the actual influence she’s had on my life and writing. From poems to essays to short stories to novels and children’s books. She’s done it all. And that’s where she’s had her …Read More