What I’m Reading This Week, 1/25/17

One of my writing role models is Margaret Atwood. Did I say “writing role model?” That seems such a trivial phrase compared to the actual influence she’s had on my life and writing. From poems to essays to short stories to novels and children’s books. She’s done it all. And that’s where she’s had her biggest influence on me: I’m learning (slowly) that my work needn’t be bound up in one category. She makes me dream big, and want to push the boundaries of my own work.

I’ve started listening to the audiobook of Hag-Seed. Talk about boundary-pushing. It’s a retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest through the eyes of a modern Prospero, a distracted genius of an actor/director who, after being ousted from his comfy creative director job at a prestigious theater festival, finds himself teaching theater to medium-security inmates in a prison.



One of the stories my son and I are reading for our golem unit is from my husband’s collection, Miracle Boy. The story, Mudman, is about a dairy farmer who creates a mudman, animated by a nest of mud daubers, to help him with his chores on the farm. It’s affecting and disturbing and powerful, like so many of his stories. You can read more about Pinckney here.




Every other Wednesday, I’m at The Kill Zone blog, talking about writing. Later today, you can read my post on word counts–To Count or Not to Count. Speaking of word counts:


January 24th   Words

Journal: 200 words

Long fiction: 560 words

Short fiction: 0 words

Non-fiction: 0 words

Blogging: 645 and 260 words

Exercise: 20 minutes yoga




5 thoughts on “What I’m Reading This Week, 1/25/17”

  1. skyecaitlin says:

    I began reading Atwood long before she was featured in many anthologies. She is a great writer, huh? :Laura, I think it’s lovely but unusual that you and your husband are both writers, English majors and teachers: I also think it’s wonderful you and your son are sharing a journey of reading.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      So. Great.

      But I cannot claim to be an English major. I have a B.S. in finance. 😉

      1. skyecaitlin says:

        Now, that makes sense to me ( as in opposites attract): My husband was an engineer. ( deceased). 🙁

        1. Laura Benedict says:

          Sending big hugs to you, Skye. 💜

          1. skyecaitlin says:


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