Octoberguest! Karen Dionne

October 7, 2008 by - 7 Comments

I could spend an entire blog extolling the virtues and talents of Karen Dionne! As the founder of Backspace–The Writers Place, she’s been a motivating, powerful influence on hundreds if not thousands of new and emerging writers. And as a member of International Thriller Writers, she was one of the guiding minds behind the Debut …Read More

Andromeda Pain

June 2, 2008 by -

I just have to speak out on this–Last week I watched the A & E miniseries of The Andromeda Strain. It was quite possibly the worst thing I’ve seen on television in years. If you loved the original 1971 film of the Crichton novel, I beg you to stay far, far away from the miniseries. …Read More