The Other Illinois State Fair. And a Llama.


For eight of the last eleven years we’ve attended Illinois’ DuQuion State Fair. It’s one of two state fairs in the state. I get it. Illinois is a very loooooong state, so having two state fairs is handy.

Husband doesn’t like large crowds, and I melt like butter if it’s over eighty-five degrees, so we always go on a weekday evening. This year we went on Wednesday. Somehow the fair was different this year. There were many, many more corn dog, lemonade, pizza, and taffy stands than in the past. The fairgrounds seemed…cleaner, and a bit empty. (No Main Stage entertainment on Wednesday, which might explain that.) And the only livestock we saw were beef cattle already loaded into trailers. Even the air-conditioned exhibit area where they have quilts, food and photo judging, and various vendors (including Scentsy and pest exterminators!), was strangely empty.

Still I got my favorite BBQ, and we toured many, many fancy RVs because who doesn’t want to see what those things are like? Only this time we did it by iPhone flashlight because I guess you aren’t supposed to want to tour RVs at night. And there were colors–bright, vibrant colors everywhere.

I confess I’m bored of colorful fair photos because I’ve been taking them for so many years. So here are some in black and white.

A fun time was had by all.



Ferris wheel and full moon.


Fish bowls looking like a science experiment, and a flying ride.


Jumbo Corn Dog Sunset.


This guy.


The loneliest arena.


Best Damn Alien Brain Squash of 2017.


Special price for dogs: Only one ticket each to ride.


I’m not a cheese-on-a-stick person, and so stuck with bottled water.


This reminds me of every bar I went to over near East St. Louis in the eighties.


Fish bowls in real life. Also, they babysit the fish for you.


This photo totally does justice to the raisin bread. Trust me.


My guys.


And this guy, too.

4 thoughts on “The Other Illinois State Fair. And a Llama.”

  1. Priscilla says:

    I don’t like large crowds much anymore, either. I wonder if it’s an age thing. Anyway, your photos are very artistic. My fave is the raisin bread picture because it’s so hard to get food to look right in a photo!

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      You’re so nice, Priscilla. Thank you.

      One thing that’s nice about staying away from crowds–and working at home–is that we rarely get colds, etc. I certainly don’t miss the days when our kids were in primary school and we each ended up with the malady du jour.

  2. skyecaitlin says:

    Lovely photos, Laura! I usually avoid fairs, however, and I agree with Priscilla about the raisin bread. It looks so yummy. I also like the black and white shots, you are quite good with the camera.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      Thank you so much, Skye. That means a lot.
      I have been a fair fan since I was a kid. We didn’t get out much, lol. Just wish they would happen after the weather cools off. 😊

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