The Winners Are….

I just love making big announcements! Here are the winners of the goodies from Laura’s New Website Soiree:

Signed Copies of Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts (just as soon as I get them!)

Cynthia Todd
Mary Carr

A signed copy of the new trade paperback of Isabella Moon (ditto)

The Walking Man

$25 Barnes & Noble gift cards

Carla Buckley

$100 Victoria’s Secret gift card

Lan Tian (Becca)

And…you! Drop me an email if you want a Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts magnet–I still have a few with Isabella Moon on them as well, so I’ll include those until they’re gone.

I also managed to post the trailer on YouTube. (I’m really getting the hang of this here Internet thing!) So I thought I’d post it here, too. Okay–now at least I won’t have to just hang out at my site all the time to play it over and over. Here’s my favorite review quote from Facebook:

The first one was haunting-y-er, methinks, but this one wins the award for Best NIN Video That Isn’t for, like, EVER…Joe Frick, Official Laura Benedict Stalker

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