Things to do at Left Coast Crime in Denver, Day 1, Minus 1

Writers are supposed to know many interesting things. But this writer had no idea that Denver, Colorado (where I’m attending the Left Coast Crime Convention) is actually NOT in the middle of mountains. On the way from the airport to the downtown Adam’s Mark Hotel, the shuttle driver informed me that Denver is at the very edge of the flatlands, at the feet of mountains. I felt very ignorant in that moment. It seems that it’s all flat–and massively uphill–from the banks of the Mississippi to here. Did you know this? Go figure. I’m tempted to blame one of my geography teachers for my ignorance, but I expect it’s my own fault for not paying attention.

While the actual conference is in Denver and begins tomorrow, I spent the evening in Boulder. Boulder oozes charm and hipness and tiny million dollar homes. My friend CJ Lyons, whose debut novel, LIFELINES, is out today (YAY, CJ!), did a group signing at High Crimes Mystery Bookstore on Pearl Street. (Sadly, High Crimes is closing its doors next week to reopen as web-only.) There I also met writers Peter May, Rhys Bowen, Louise Ure, and Steve Hockensmith. A thousand thank-yous to my friend/Thrillerbabe Margie Lawson for giving me the grand tour. There’s a picture of the radiant CJ somewhere here….

I saw a darling Keeshound tied up and waiting for its owner outside of a restaurant. Foolishly, I did not take its picture. BUT I did see the Disaster Animal Rescue Hummer. That was a little surreal. Must be a Boulder thing.

My room at the Adam’s Mark is as big as Texas. Everything is oversized here in Denver, too. I can’t wait for the conference to begin tomorrow. My first panel is in the afternoon, the topic is psychological thrillers, and I will proudly proclaim that ISABELLA MOON is chock-full of psychopaths out for thrills!

4 thoughts on “Things to do at Left Coast Crime in Denver, Day 1, Minus 1”

  1. Sanib says:

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  2. CJ Lyons says:

    Hey, Laura! Thanks for the shout out–wasn’t that a fun event at High Crimes?

    And the main convention hasn’t even started yet–can’t wait to grab some pix of you and Isabella Moon and your fans!

  3. It sounds like you’re having quite the variety of experiences in a short time. (And I didn’t know Denver wasn’t in the mountains either – after all, it’s constantly covered with snow). 🙂 Hope the conference is fun – I’m sure your part will be. By the way, am loving your book!

  4. Laura says:

    Sanib: Congratulations on the anthology! Thanks for coming by!

    CJ–It’s so fun to be here for your debut. Great panel talk this morning. You really know your stuff!

    Tara–Hi! I’m thrilled to hear from you. Funny about Denver, huh?! Fortunately, the snow is light this week.

    PS–I’m so glad!

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