Tuesday Photos: Pumpkins as Promised

Pumpkins: Bumpy pumpkin and a waiting Jack-o-Lantern


Feeling grim about my lost decorating energy, I challenged myself (and you!) to do a little something for fall and Halloween. Here are my pumpkin, mum, and porch decorations. If you’re buying chrysanthemums, make sure they’re well watered. The two giant ones I bought were on the dry side and I spent 30 minutes resuscitating them (they have to be pulled out of the pot and have holes poked in both the top and sides of the root ball so water can get in). The variety of pumpkins this year has been incredible. Did you know Illinois produces more pumpkins than any other state?

On Friday I’ll get to work on Halloween decorations before I start packing for Bouchercon in Toronto next week!


Scout for all seasons

Just-watered chrysanthemums


Cinderella pumpkin and Over the Top pumpkin


3 seasons


Red mums, red coleus beyond

Anticipation flag

One thought on “Tuesday Photos: Pumpkins as Promised”

  1. skyecaitlin says:

    Laura, these are delightful! Personally, I like mums; they are hardy and long lasting, and you certainly chose lovely colors, too.

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