Two Isabellas and a Guest Blog

ISABELLA #1: I’m thrilled to announce that the US Cover of ISABELLA MOON is one of five finalists for Left Coast Crime’s ARTY Award, which annually recognizes the mystery cover. The competition is pretty tough, but I am thrilled be nominated! (Actually, all the honor goes to Thomas Beck Stvan, IM’s amazing designer) If you’re attending LCC in Denver, won’t you consider Isabella?

ISABELLA #2: Copies from the U.K. arrived today and they are beautiful! IM comes out in hardcover in Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada on February 7.

GUEST BLOG: I’m the January 14 post at Stacy Alesi’s (aka BookBitch) blog today. I’m pondering my mysterious connection to all things soap opera-ish.
Stacy is one of the most generous bloggers on the planet. She gives away a lot of books, too!

If I don’t seem to be around much these days, it’s because I’m hard at work.

PS–There are now around 170 bloggers participating in Patry Francis Blog Day on January 29th. Have you signed up yet?

2 thoughts on “Two Isabellas and a Guest Blog”

  1. Tia Nevitt says:

    I signed up and put a reminder on my debut calendar.

    I LOVE your UK cover!! Best of luck for that award. I know it’s for your artist, but it would be great buzz for your book.

  2. Laura says:

    You’re so nice, Tia. I checked out your Patry blog and it’s terrific!

    For me, choosing between the two covers would be like choosing between my two children–I love them both!

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