Winter Light

I’ve been hyper-aware of light this winter. I don’t think I ever really noticed before how it changes every second. My awareness began last month when I realized I’d temporarily forgotten that I have SAD, and have to artificially up my daylight quotient. (One of the reasons we moved away from Michigan after two years was the lake effect, which allowed us only two hours of sunshine between Halloween and Christmas one year. If you are similarly affected with the winter blues, I highly recommend a serious happy light. Link below.)

The skies were wildly dramatic through November and December, but now they are calmer, and more frequently gray and uniform. Still, there is some sunshine. How handy that snow reflects light in interesting ways. I stick pretty close to home in the winter, so I like to get out and see how our twelve acres change in the light. Isn’t it interesting how, in nature, the colors nearly always work perfectly together?


I’m not sure what is growing up through this sedum, but it’s insistent.


In the summer, the oak leaf hydrangea is all green, but in the winter each leaf is slightly different in color.


This is lamb’s ear. Only plant it if you want lamb’s ear everywhere in your garden. It’s like mint that way. This plant has probably take over another square foot in the time it took you to read this. (It just occurred to me that this may be what is growing up through the sedum, above. Oh, my.)

I’ve been obsessed with these rocks and the way they’re outlined by the snow. I think I have at least fifty pictures of snowy rocks now. I think they look like archeological specimens. There’s a small dinosaur dog in the middle, being chased by a bigger one with a head like a fist.



The contrast in this one makes it my favorite. I love the white space.


That time I thought, “If I want to make one of those cutesy hearts in the unbroken snow and take a picture, I better do it before letting the dogs out.” And then I let the dogs out anyway, thinking I could surely get a picture before they ruined it.


Link to my favorite light therapy lamps.

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