Wishful Thinking

I have more photos from this weekend’s events to post–but I’ll have to do it when I get home from Chicago. I’ll be there tomorrow at The Book Cellar at 7 pm for Local Author Night. Now, down here in the southern part of the state, we don’t think of ourselves as being part of Chicago, though I understand that, in certain quarters, we’re considered as part of the Chicago metro area!

Pomegranate will be traveling with me. We’re taking the train, which should be fun even though the owls will still be out when we leave the house. If you’re in the neighborhood (Madison, WI? Holland, MI? Ann Arbor?), I hope you’ll come by to say “hello.”

As much as I enjoy touring, I’m anxious to get back to work. On the road I’ve been reading Elizabeth George’s Careless In Red–one of her Lynley books, a comfort series for me. She’s so deft. I also picked up Devil In the White City, which I’ve always wanted to read. Not sure why. Others have said it’s not such a good book. We’ll see.

There’s one other thing I’ve been dying to do–and that’s to pick up on the needlepoint project I’ve been working on on and off for the past few years. I have this dream of curling up on the couch, with a classic film on the telly, so I can stitch away for a few hours. It’s a pipe dream, I fear. I can’t sit through an entire film these days.

Upcoming guests: Tim Maleeny, Rosemary Harris, Mario Acevedo. Am I forgetting anyone?

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6 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking”

  1. Aye! Time is the trouble; always too much while never enough.

  2. Vintage says:

    Oh Laura congrats! This is Mindy Herron (Bizzell now) from Hollins, I stumbled across your website and what success you’ve found since I saw you both last! Congratulations!! I hope Nora and Cleveland are both thriving, I bet they’re just huge and gorgeous. I hope you are all well!

  3. hey you are using a photo of mine from my blog (which has a copyright, BTW) . . . it would have been courteous of you to ask before taking it, especially since you are a published author. just sayin’.

  4. Thanks, Anne. I’ve taken the photo down and I apologize for not asking your permission first. I had put a link to the page at the end of the post–which I try to do if I use a contemporary picture–so readers could see your lovely blog and where the picture came from. I’ve left it up for the curious….

  5. http://www.copyright.gov/orphan/

    While not trying to excuse a mistake I would suggest that because of the Orphan Works Act that congress is trying to pass that you make a clearer copyright statement on the FRONT page of your blog. I had to click all the way through to the “contact us” page to find the statement at the very bottom of the page in 4 point type.

    If you have not clearly stated who and what is copyrighted, web crawlers such as Google © will ferret out your work and republish it under their copyright, which is NOT akin to what Ms. Benedict did. She after all linked you which, though maybe you don’t want or need the traffic, is a tacit admission of your copyright.

    Once Google © or some other web crawler has your work under copyright it will cost you up to $400 dollars to reclaim it: ergo the need for a clearly stated front page intent of copyright.

  6. Hey gorgeous,

    I hope that you and Nora had a wonderful time on the train and with the readings! It sounds like so much fun — I love trains! xo, Michelle

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