With Two You Get Gift Wrap

Pinckney and I have been collecting signed books for many years. We got a good start when we joined Square Books’s Signed First Edition monthly program, and always pick up books at readings and signings. I love stories in any form–audio, live storytellers, e-books, paper books–but there’s just something special about having a book in hand that’s been signed by the person who wrote it.

There are “books make great gifts” promotions all over the web. And for good reason. A book provides an other-world experience, temporarily replacing all the daily muck that clogs our brains with sensations that are at once intimate and expansive.

When you read my prose, you enter that other world with me. While we won’t have identical journeys, we share an experiential bond. I think that’s pretty cool.

I should have made this offer weeks ago, but I don’t think it’s too late….

If you purchase one of our books and send it (or have it sent) to us between now and December 31st, we’ll inscribe it and send it back to you, or directly to whomever you choose.  We’ll even pay the return media mail postage. (US domestic only, please. Limit 5 books per recipient. Heck–buy two or more and I’ll even gift wrap. Trust me, you don’t want Pinckney to do it.)

Have books sent from your favorite independent bookstore, a chain store, or, in the case of Press 53, the publisher. Here are some handy links. Order soon, if you’re interested…The post office can be poky this time of year.

Surreal South 2009 
Surreal South 2007 (Sorry, but we can’t have all the Surreal South authors sign these. Joyce Carol Oates, Ron Rash, J.T. Ellison, et al, don’t actually live with us.)

Pinckney’s Books
Dogs of God
Town Smokes
The Wrecking Yard

Laura’s Books
Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts (As of this date, no paperback release is scheduled, I’m sad to say. So order soon–when they’re gone, they may be gone forever.)
Isabella Moon

Contact me at laura@laurabenedict.com for more details and addresses.

I hope you’ll buy some books for gift-giving this year, no matter who wrote them. You can even do what we did this year and buy some new ones to donate to the Marine Corp’s Toy’s for Tots program. But please don’t put any Benedict books in a Toy’s for Tots box–We want the little darlings to have merry holidays, not scary holidays.

***Oh, and the pic is of our new foundling kitty, Miss Nina Garcia. Silly, isn’t she?!

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