51 Little Things That Make Me Ridiculously Happy




  1. I wake up to find the dishwasher is already unloaded.
  2. All my clothes clean at once.
  3. Honey in my tea.
  4. My mechanical pencil runs out of lead, but there’s another one in the chamber.
  5. When someone else changes the toilet paper roll.
  6. My keys are already in my purse when I’m about to run out the door.
  7. Cheese and crackers.
  8. Sweeping my front porch.
  9. Realizing that I downloaded all the pics from my camera card and remembered to put the card back in my camera.
  10. Cloth napkins folded into interesting shapes.
  11. Sylvie the cat jumping up on my desk to give me head boomps.
  12. I’m sure I’ve run out of checks, but find one in the middle of the last book that I skipped.
  13. Free sample sizes of lotion, soap, etc. when I buy my cleanser/lotions at L’Occitane.
  14. Watching birds at the feeders.
  15. Milk in my decaf coffee.
  16. Hard-boiled eggs that peel easily.
  17. Tiny powdered-sugar doughnuts.
  18. Paying with exact change.
  19. The first day in spring when it’s warm enough to wear shoes without socks again.
  20. Candles at dinner, even on a weeknight.
  21. Having someone open a door for me.
  22. Opening a door for someone.
  23. Remembering that the clock in the bathroom is four minutes fast, so I don’t have to rush getting dressed like I thought I did.
  24. When my dogs greet me like I’ve been gone for years even if I’ve just been to the post office.
  25. Cold water to drink.
  26. A new toothbrush.
  27. A fresh notebook.
  28. A square of dark chocolate.
  29. Playing the piano.
  30. Opening a new book that no one has read before.
  31. Taking the dogs out at night and finding the sky is clear and full of stars.
  32. Warmed plates on which to serve dinner
  33. Receiving a personal card or note in the mail.
  34. Stamps with birds on them.
  35. Souvenir linen dish towels.
  36. Doing a puzzle with my grown-up kids.
  37. Polishing silver.
  38. Having vacuumed.
  39. Checking off an item on my to-do list.
  40. A refrigerator full of food.
  41. Skee ball.
  42. Zesting a lemon.
  43. Getting all the loose tea into the tea ball so none leaks out into my cup.
  44. New erasers.
  45. Cold ginger ale when I’m sick.
  46. Feather pillows.
  47. When people call me on my birthday and sing to me.
  48. Making a bouquet from my garden flowers.
  49. Fan mail.
  50. A wren building a nest in a flower pot on my potting bench.
  51. This photo of my kids.



I hope you’ll make your own list, and share a couple with us in the comments.



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8 thoughts on “51 Little Things That Make Me Ridiculously Happy”

  1. skyecaitlin says:

    Lovely list. Laura! I will return with mine. 🙂

  2. Cindy says:

    Just a quick few:
    Bank deposits that balance the first time.
    Warm kitty belly in the sunshine.
    Putting a clean trash bag in an empty trash can.
    The smell of cleanser after the whole house is cleaned.
    Warm spring rain.
    Finding something in a pile on my desk exactly where I thought it was.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      I love warm kitty bellies!

  3. skyecaitlin says:

    Some things I love:

    New-born babies
    Tea cup Yorkies
    German Shepherds
    Emily Dickinson’s poetry
    Hot cup of perfectly brewed coffee with half and half
    Black tea with low fat milk and honey or raw sugar
    Freshly sliced lemons and/or oranges
    Dark chocolate candy
    Puccini’s Tosca
    Old fashioned libraries
    The first day of spring time ( that feels like spring)
    The smell of early Autumn
    Blonde haired men
    Tree branches in a dark,, moonlit sky
    The fragrance of lilacs
    Freshly cut daisies
    Breyer’s Vanilla and chocolate Ice cream
    Haagen–Daas chocolate ice cream
    Greek yogurt
    The fragrance of coconut oil and spritzes
    Andrew Wyeth’s art work
    Black and white photography
    Reading a favorite book from my past
    Feeling creative and writing my thoughts down
    Feeling a sense of accomplishment
    The trust of friends
    Labrador Retrievers
    Riding horses
    The colour of turquoise
    Mozzarella cheese
    My mechanical pencils
    Hiking in the winter
    A clean apartment
    Comfy boots, turtlenecks and worn-out jeans
    Seeing my grown children
    Blues music
    Jim Morrison and the Doors
    Watching birds
    A great suspense movie ( Obsession).

    1. skyecaitlin says:

      Stained glass windows

    2. Laura Benedict says:

      Lovely list!

  4. J.T. Ellison says:

    Having a friend like you.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      I just didn’t put it on this particular list because our friendship is a BIG thing. 💜 (Yuuuuuge, even! 😉

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