Saturday Serendipity 1/28/17


What a strange week it’s been. After last weekend’s writing retreat, I came home pretty tired, anxious to get the last 20K words done on the novel. I didn’t get as many words done as I hoped, but I’m on track to write the epilogue over the next few days. The other thing I didn’t get done was to revamp my Bullet Journal. I started keeping one last August, and I used it religiously. But when I went to re-do this year’s I decided I needed a ginormous Leuchtturm notebook instead of a medium-size one. I think I find it a little intimidating–time to order a medium one I can tote about in my purse.

Do you belong to a gym? I haven’t belonged to one in over five years. I have a decent setup at home, but I’m wondering if working out with other people might be more motivating…

Time to check your heart rate range for working out–a handy guide at the American Heart Association.

Bibliomania is a thing, and it wasn’t always so cool. (How is that possible?!)

How Sherlock Holmes got his name. (He was my first detective crush.)

Mozart’s The Magic Flute in kitty .gifs. (Personally, I think Mozart would get a kick out of it.)

Mary Tyler Moore died this past week. There are tons of articles about her, and I wrote a post, too, about her influence. Links to her fab fashions, and Architectural Digest, too.

Barbara Hale, who played Della Street on “Perry Mason,” also died this week. (Perry Mason was my second detective crush, and Della was the coolest.)

I love all things British television (well, except for that show about cars). Acorn TV has a new production of Agatha Christie’s The Witness for the Prosecution, and I can’t wait.

What music does your dog like to listen to? Apparently they prefer reggae and soft rock. Who knew?!

Bionic paws for amputee cats. Love this.

Hope your weekend is terrific!


January 27th Words

Journal 350

Long fiction 2026

Short fiction 0

Non-fiction 0

Blogging 345

Exercise: 40 minutes exercise bike.






2 thoughts on “Saturday Serendipity 1/28/17”

  1. skyecaitlin says:

    Laura, you had a productive week~ I did read your post about Mary Tyler Moore; it’s sad when a legend passes, and then quickly following her demise came John Hurt and Barbara Hale. I loved all three, especially John Hurt for his enormous talent. He was notably fab in the movie 1984. It always comes in three’s, and that is both interesting and eery.
    Sherlock Holmes was indeed an interesting character, even in the show Elementary. I am particularly addicted to the Jesse Stone series with Tom Selleck and would love to read Robert Brown Parker—I like certain series: eg. Michael Connelly and Lisa Gardner.
    Yes, yes, I heard about dogs’ music preference; being a dog lover, I found this amazing.
    Hope your week end is going well; weather is now beginning to feel like winter in NJ.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      I used to be a little afraid of John Hurt–isn’t that silly?

      I adore Lisa Gardner’s books, and she’s a lovely, lovely person.

      Our Scouty is very high-strung for a mutt (Rat terrier/Rottweiler cross–a rescue). I’m thinking I’ll put on a little America next time he gets agitated!

      Stay warm!

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