Or Maybe…

October 31, 2007 by -

I watched four episodes of Dexter, Season One, read much of JCO’s Female of the Species and some of a witchcraft book for research. It’s all good…. Oh, and there’s a profile of me here, today.


October 30, 2007 by -

It’s chilly outside this morning, finally full-on fall. The leaves are late this year here in southern Illinois, but they had already changed and started to fall in Virginia and West Virginia where I was at this time last week. So I get to experience the changing colors twice, which is not a bad thing. …Read More

Things I Learned from my First Book Tour

October 29, 2007 by -

Some things I learned from my ISABELLA MOON book tour: 1) Booksellers are saints. One should feed them cookies–regularly! 2) Always know where the restroom is in the bookstore where one is signing. 3) Get used to people falling asleep during one’s reading, because someone will! 3a) Try not to embarrass the person who falls …Read More

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