Beginning (Again)

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It’s the first day of school today. Again. With P being a university professor and the kids being, well, kids, I feel like the first day of school always comes up too fast. The swim things are put away, new clothes are in the drawers and backpacks are filled with spanking new pencils, markers and named-labeled folders and binders.

A good friend of mine stopped homeschooling this year and it’s the first day of school at her house as well. Her girls will all be away for the very first time in her mom-life. I know how empty she’ll feel–and she has hinted that she knows it, too. We like our kids. We like being around them, and when they’re away our lives are the poorer for it.

It will begin in the space of frenetic hour–from the first alarm to watching Pomegranate and Bengal head down the drive. I’m tempted to take them in myself today, but Pom is a junior now, and I don’t mind giving her the privilege. It’s a big year for her: ACTs and SATs and college visits. She editing the school newspaper as well. And there’s that boyfriend…I wouldn’t trade places with her for the world. But I want it to be good for her. And because he’s eight, this will be a crucible year for Bengal, too. It’s the year when, traditionally, all the kids who have been friends together for two or three years start to break into social groups.

I’ll be there when school is over each day–and for that I’m grateful. And goodness knows I have work of my own to do. It will just be very quiet with no one interrupting me to tell me how many windows were on the Titanic or how hard the Zelda game is or asking me if she can go to the movies/park/mall, and, by the way, do I have any money.

Fortunately, it will be The Last Day again before we know it. Do you have any firsts coming up this week?

Speaking of firsts, Andy Peterson will be in The Handbasket tomorrow with his debut thriller, First to Kill. Hope you’ll come by….

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