Daily Handbasket: Blue Skies Ahead, No Matter What’s Behind

Blue skies on a Southern Illinois backroad-photo by Laura Benedict

Blue skies ahead, blue skies behind.


How much time do you spend looking back? For decades my past tugged at me. I used the most unpleasant events of the past to define and judge myself. But then came the day when I realized I couldn’t move forward while I was always looking over my shoulder, dragging along every regret, every moment I felt guilty or embarrassed. Already waiting in front of me were my husband and kids, and a career I really wanted. That realization was an amazing moment of freedom. I wish I had marked that day on the calendar. No one can take the burdens of the past from us. No one can fix them for us. We can’t even fix them. We have to cut the ropes ourselves, and let the past go. There’s no need to completely banish the past–it’s what made us the people we are. But we needn’t carry it with us always.

(10 practical ideas on how to let go, at tinybuddha.com)

Not a lot of writing today. Tuesday is my appointment and errand day. Life has gotten much easier since I schedule events out of the house for Tuesdays and Friday afternoons. Though this Friday, I’m headed out early in the morning for a weekend writing/birthday retreat. There may be a photo or two, but I mostly hope to come home with a half dozen new chapters in the cat book done! I promise that a day spent writing is one of the best birthday gifts I can give myself. Now I just have to make sure all the plants are watered, the feeders are filled, and food is laid in for the guys before I go. Cannot wait. 😊


June 27th Words
Journal:  73 words
Long fiction: 276 words
Short fiction: 0 words
Non-fiction: 0 words
Blogging: 179 words
Exercise: Took a long, energizing nap


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