Daily Handbasket: Wonder Woman at Last

Wonder Woman poster

Bad Ass Super Heroine, Wonder Woman


I didn’t think I’d see Wonder Woman in the theater. If a film is over-hyped, I shy away. (Never did see Titanic. I know, right?) But Husband and Son wanted to see it, so we went to the theater for an early Sunday show. There were only a few hardy souls there. In our college town, everyone is either at church on Sunday morning or hungover at home. Going in relatively unprepared was a good thing, because I enjoyed the surprise of the film. The incredible photography and costumes. Gal freaking Gadot, who dominated the screen. The sophisticated storytelling. It’s not often a film so front loaded with backstory is even watchable. But in this one, the backstory merged seamlessly with the rest of the story. Diana’s hero(ine)’s journey began in the backstory and even served up a mini-journey that foreshadowed her challenges to come. In the past couple weeks, I’ve snickered at online videos of women and girls jumping around with fake swords and capes, pretending to do battle. I’ll be damned if I didn’t spend much of Sunday afternoon doing a little jumping around myself. Go see it.

I had a good writing day today, except that it wasn’t on the cat novel. Almost 1700 words on Wednesday’s piece for the KillZone blog. It’s about social media. Can’t decide if it’s wildly clever or whiny. We shall see.

A lovely rain shower today, but the kitties were frisky inside. On one of my breaks I got out some tissue paper for them to play with. Sylvie got the game right away. Nina wouldn’t play unless I pushed it with my foot. And of course one of her nails went through my sock, drew a spot of blood, and then got stuck on the sock. *sigh* Cats don’t mess around, do they?

Am going to work on the novel for a little while before I go to bed. Will update the word count tomorrow. Be well!



June 26th Words
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Long fiction: 1002 words
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Non-fiction: 0 words
Blogging: 2001 words
Exercise: Day Five Yoga w/ Adriene, 16 minutes



2 thoughts on “Daily Handbasket: Wonder Woman at Last”

  1. JT Ellison says:

    I still haven’t seen WW, but am planning to remedy stat! Looking forward to the SM blog on TKZ!

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      Yes, you must see it. You will love. We will have much conversation!

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