Daily Handbasket: Early June Garden

Welcome back to the garden. More perennials are blooming, plus most of the annuals. The endless days of sunshine have made a real difference. Though both the garden and I¬†could do without the 86 degree June heat. I find new flowers, new life inspiring, don’t you?

Coral bells.

Market basket Petunias and friends.




The Lantana is a bit poky this year.


Oak Leaf Hydrangea. I’m guessing there’s a snake of some sort sleeping under there. Here’s a complete description of these bushes. I’m thinking this is an “Alice” variety. Maybe I should’ve paid attention and planted a smaller variety!


Almost bridal.


Achooooo. These don’t come in the house.


Lamb’s Ear is pernicious, but briefly amazing.


And I get great pics of occupied bees.


Verdigris Bunny hanging out in the lavender.

Here’s how everything looked exactly a month ago. I miss the peonies already. ūüĆļ


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