Night and Day

It’s late now, and I’ve spent the last few hours writing on my laptop in the dark. If I were alone in the house I’d never do that, but Husband, Son, and all the animals except one cat are sleeping peacefully. It’s lovely to work in my home, surrounded by sleeping objects of my affection. I used to think that I had to write out of pain and chaos in order to have real emotion in my work. But now I think that living in a state of (relative) peace allows me to access difficult emotions without the fog of actual chaos. I wonder if other writers feel that way. Do you work best in chaos or calm? In peace, or on a jag of stress and full-tilt emotion?

Today is Tuesday, so that means photos. The peonies are fading, but hanging in there. If you want to see a little video of ants “working” a peony blossom, I posted one on Instagram. (BTW, it’s a myth that peonies need ants to work them to bloom. I think the ants are attracted by that gorgeous fragrance. Though it looks more like they’re playing hide and seek.)


Lush. Lush, lush, lush.


These Columbines are at their end. I need to find two more of these, maybe different colors.


Monday was National Iris Day. What did we do before hashtags?! #irisday


Strange tableau in the side yard. Have never seen pink and green clover. No cartoon leprechauns in sight, though.


I wish these bloomed all summer. They smell like heaven.


This pic is for Skye. My red Hunter wellies, with a Verdigris Bunny photobomb.


P.S. Right now, Amazon has just a few hardcovers left of Bliss House, the first book in my recent series. (Under $9 and free shipping.) If you buy one and have it sent to my house, I’ll inscribe it and sent it on to you (postage is my treat!)–while they last. Email me at if you’re interested.


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3 thoughts on “Night and Day”

  1. skyecaitlin says:

    Jumping for joy! peonies, columbines, iris, odd looking blooming clover, and WOW, red hunter willies; yep, they will, indeed, help, and I saw on the morning news ( Philadelphia station) there is a new and deadlier disease caused by those little nasty tics, so do be careful, dear Laura; good grief, all the warnings and advice it gave, too, but in the past, I know some people whose lives were devastated by Lyme Disease. Now, a bunch of things: I have Bliss House, and maybe you can inscribe an adhesive note to me?????
    I am astonished that you manage to do so many things with your family and STILL continue to be creative, even at night, in the peace of the dark.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      Are you thinking of the Alpha-gal allergy? It comes from Lone Star tick bites. Here’s the wiki: I have a brother in law who suffers from it, and it was quite a stunning surprise.

      I have been meaning to get some book plates to sign! I’ll look into it and send you one, of course. Anyone else who would like one, too. 😊

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