Just When I Thought It Was Safe to Blog Again…

You knew it had to happen. Right after I posted about how I almost never blog about writing, here’s a post that’s (kind of) about writing. Revision, specifically.

Why do so many writers dislike revising their work? I see many updates on Facebook and Twitter from writers who are agonizing over their edits or revisions. Of course, writers with editors often wrestle with unwanted criticism, unclear direction, painful truths about their work or, even, no guidance at all. But to me a chance to revise is a chance to revitalize and bring new energy into my work. Writing a draft is agonizing to me, like pulling out my own teeth. Revising, though…revising is delicious.

Wait. Wait…Today I wrote about revising on my other blog, Wardrobe by Sam. That’s the one on which I chronicle my adventures wearing only clothes from Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club through mid-September. So, go visit there if you want to read how I compare revising words to revising a wardrobe (I think it works….)

Oh, darn. Am I cheating? Probably so. But as I write this, it’s officially the gloomiest day of the year. Time to lighten up!

P.S. What I’m (still) reading this week: Unclutter Your Life in One Week. (I’m doing it in six weeks, btw…too many shiny objects about.)

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