Love vs. Lust

I’m working on a short piece called LOVE vs. LUST. A couple of weeks ago, I retreated to an antique shop while P lingered at Mr. Jingle’s Closet. There were so many inspiring things there, but none so inspiring as this:

Well, maybe this, but not for the LOVE vs. LUST piece. It’s hard to imagine to what sinister use it might be put. Any ideas? Evil Grandma stuffs it with poisoned cookies?

I was dismayed to find this Smiley-Face cookie jar in the same shop. One just like it hung around our house for all of the 1970s and much of the 80s. I think it’s the first thing I’ve seen in an antique shop that was demonstrably sold during my lifetime. Ew. Suddenly I’m feeling very old….

Thanks for all the nice comments on the new author pic! xo

One thought on “Love vs. Lust”

  1. Larramie says:

    Ahem, that new author pic proves — among other things — that age is your best friend, Laura. Keep smiling!

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