No Bad Press

I’m home from the road for a day or two. I’ve been terribly remiss and will post more about the tour and catch up on some things later today. But I just had to pop in and mention that Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts was reviewed in the New York Times Book Review today!

I’ll say right up front that it’s what my dearly departed old grandpa would call a “stinker.” The book is apparently emblematic of the decline of western civilization as a whole or something. Whatever. (Not sure why it was reviewed by the mystery/crime person, given that it’s horror. Then again, they don’t even review horror much unless it’s by the big names….) I cried, then pouted, then got a little angry. I’m mostly over it now. The cool thing is that it’s a badge of honor that I get to wear forever–I was reviewed in the NYT! Far more famous writers than I survived thrashings there, so I feel like I’m in good company.

This is my blog, so I get to riposte with whatever in the heck I want. As with Isabella Moon, I continue to polarize reviewers utterly. Here’s the link to the lovely Publisher’s Weekly Review as well as (and this gives me great pleasure because it’s one of those *gasp* online review sites of the sort that many journalists look down upon) a rather more thoughtful description and evaluation of the novel by Michael Leonard at

More later.

10 thoughts on “No Bad Press”

  1. Mary-Frances says:

    Dang it, I wanted to write the book that was responsible for the decline of Western civilization. You’re so mean for beating me to it. I just read Isabella Moon by the way and really enjoyed it!

  2. I think that review was proof of the decline in taste and understanding among book reviewers. Dear God, the end of civilization! But then again, reviewers have never been known from their civility …

    Exposure is always good–even if it means a little sunburn from a snarky post. CMLH is brilliant, Laura–and so are you!

  3. hey you, that’s *great* that you got the review – and I am LOVING the book – was so sad I had to put it down to go to an all-weekend retreat and can’t wait to get back to it. You’re so, so very talented.

  4. Hey honey,

    Here’s congratulations on being in very good company in the NYT! But good grief, what dimwit do they have reviewing? What’s the Woody Allen line in “Deconstructing Harry” when his character takes a tour of Hell — sixth floor — critics, sorry this floor is full. That always cheers me up. I am so looking forward to reading the book and being scared! Hope the book tour is going great!

  5. So the man has no taste 🙂
    My copy is enroute from Amazon and am told I shall receive it in late February! So I’m waiting impatiently in Oz.

  6. We of Detroit have an oft repeated quote for our critics…”eff ’em.”

  7. Tia Nevitt says:

    No wonder book review sections of newspapers are getting smaller and less frequent. I read the book, but I didn’t understand the review very well. The reviewer was so busy trying to be clever that s/he forgot to be clear.

    Oh, and I loved your book!

  8. Hey, Mary-Frances, Kelli, Sophie, Michelle, Danielle, Mark and Tia. Your words were balm to my bruised heart (and ego!). Thank you!!! I’m feeling great about picking up the tour tomorrow and moving forward!

  9. Tom says:

    Lauretta, just read those ill-chosen words and remember that no one loves a critic. Never. Not ever. Not even their dogs.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Remind yourself that many libraries buy all books reviewed in the New York Times – good or bad review!

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