Laura and J.T.: The Blonde and Blonder Tour

I pulled out of my driveway last Wednesday with very mixed feelings–I was experiencing a huge sense of relief, but also a bit of trepidation. My January 3rd signing at the Carbondale Barnes and Noble went very, very well. It was covered by the Southern Illinoisan by Becky Malkovich. She did a fun piece on it for their Flipside section this past Friday. (Thanks, Becky!) But it had been a while since I’d read to a bookstore crowd.

The next part of the tour for Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts took place in and around Nashville, Tennessee. My gorgeous, talented, writer-chick friend J.T. Ellison and I started our Blonde and Blonder Tour (we’re not telling which one was which–actually, we switched roles frequently!) at Sherlock’s Books in Lebanon, TN. It’s a huge, amazing independent bookstore, theater, cafe and–if you can believe it–a haven for all things remote control, including a race track! Here I am with Patty Guynn, who owns the store with her husband, Steve.

J.T. and I spent much of Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning doing drive-by stock signings in and around Nashville. We hardly stopped to breathe! We happened to stop in at the Borders where Janet Evanovich was to sign later that evening–the bookstore was filled with people there to get line tickets, and we made two new friends, Brenda and Lyndsi, who added our books to their Evanovich piles!

Thursday evening, we read at Davis-Kidd Booksellers in Nashville (Green Hills Store). Tim Lowe and the crew made us feel right at home, and the crowd was filled with lots of J.T.’s fans and friends. It’s always fun to read with another writer–especially when you’re on that writer’s home turf. The energy was terrific, we sold tons of books, and everyone was terribly gracious.

And we were stunned to find cops working a (non-violent) crime scene when we came out of the restaurant we went to right after the signing. One of J.T.’s friends, Del, very generously lent us her scarf for the photo-op!

Our last tour stop was at Houston’s famous independent store, Murder By The Book. I’ve always wanted to read there and it was a fun experience. (I also left behind a huge pile of signed copies of Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts and Isabella Moon–they do a big mail-order business.)

The handsome, fluffy guy is the store’s pup Jack Reacher!

On Tuesday, I’ll be at the Brentwood Borders store in St. Louis. Hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “Laura and J.T.: The Blonde and Blonder Tour”

  1. JT Ellison says:

    It was my absolute honor to go on the road with you. I hope we can do it again soon!
    The Blonde (or the Blonder)

  2. Two blonds, one store and a bookstore at that. My how the times have changed…joking, joking just kidding. Travel safe and well Laura.

  3. Hey lovely Laura,

    I love the title — the Blonde and Blonder Tour! The pictures are wonderful and it looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. Safe and happy travels as you continue spreading the good word of CMLH! I started it last night — I almost slept with the lights on!

  4. Carla Buckley says:

    How awesome that you and JT got to tour together! How about I dye my hair and join you next time: Blonde, Blonder, and Blondest?

    I’ll bring the Godivas… 🙂

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