Saturday Serendipity, 15 April 2017

Easter Eggs, Cat Armor (!), and Books by Friends

5 Beliefs About Anxiety That Can Make You Even More Anxious. As someone who has a lot of anxiety, I find these all very familiar. At

We are at our happiest at ages 23 and 69. Here’s the original abstract–more detailed, and requires close reading.

Gorgeous Russian and Ukranian decorated eggs for Easter.

Cat armor. Mouse armor, too. Just wow.

I’ve long been a Joe Bob Briggs fan. Good interview.

My writer friend, Carolyn Haines, has a new Sarah Booth Delaney mystery out next month. Her publisher’s done a super-fun .GIF Notes piece for the book, Sticks and Bones. So cute!

Modern Mrs. Darcy is one of my fave, go-to blogs for books and lifestyle. Here’s one of her latest for National Library Week about Carnegie libraries. And since I’m shopping for Tieks, I was glad to read about her (very positive) experiences with them.

Speaking of friends with books: J.T. Ellison’s terrific domestic noir, Lie To Me, won’t be out until September, but not only is it up for pre-order, it has a gorgeous cover, too!  (Nookies, here’s your link. 😊)

Closer to home…

Watch this space! If all goes well, you’ll be able to pick up my Edgar-nominated story, A Paler Shade of Death, at Amazon next week.

Last Saturday my guys and I went to Wizard World Comic Con in St. Louis. So many amazing costumes–photos on the blog.


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