Wizard World Comic Con 2017: St. Louis

Last year my son and I ventured to St. Louis for our first Comic Con, and had a blast. As soon as we left, he was planning his own costume for this year’s event. We attended Wizard World Comic Con 2017 this past Saturday, and he was fully costumed as a character named Robin from the game series, Fire Emblem. Of course, being 17, he ditched mom and dad as soon as we arrived at the convention center. But it wasn’t a problem. Husband and I had a great time, wandering around taking pictures. We also ate at one of St. Louis’s best Italian restaurants, Charlie Gitto’s Downtown (where toasted ravioli was invented). Plus, I had my palm read for $10. (You’ll be happy to know I’m a joyful person with a long life ahead.) Here are some highlights of the day–More next week of pairs and groups, too. So many great costumes!

I confess that I don’t know who most of these lovely people are supposed to be, so I may just make up names for them. Feel free to correct me in the comments. Many thanks to all the gracious folks who let me take their photographs.

(Scary drum majorette?)


(The Doctor)


(Scary skull-wearing guy who fell into mustard? Is that a game?)


(Half-naked man. Also a game?)


(This gentleman was there with a falcon doing a show. His chain mail was awesome.)


(I know! I know! Wonder Woman!)






(This young woman was adorable. She was there with her mom.)


Sweet Mom of above daughter. They just looked like they would be so fun to hang out with.)


(Future Winchester)


(She was Husband’s favorite. I think it was the knives.)


(This guy. I just wanted to get him his own TV show, or adopt him or something.)


(Minor celebrity)


(Sailor Moon character, yes?)


(One Bad Ass Ursula)


(My own boy. Robin from Fire Emblem. Don’t tell him I put this on here, okay?)


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2 thoughts on “Wizard World Comic Con 2017: St. Louis”

  1. skyecaitlin says:

    Laura, what wonderful pictures; your son is adorable, and this looks as if it was a joy of a time. I have never been west of upstate, PA, but many of my friends are from the St. Louis area.

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