Saturday Serendipity, 25 March 2017



Lots of critter stories this week, and the dress search continues…

Cancer-sniffing dogs are so amazing: a study with a 100% accuracy rate.

Literature by the Numbers: No surprise that James Patterson is an overachiever when it comes to clichés, and James Joyce loved exclamation points. Fun with lit statistics.

If you attach your happiness to future outcomes, you’ll live in disappointment for your entire life. Wisdom at this week.

I learned a lot about muscle fascia this week. You should, too. Important stuff.

Parrots partying like it’s 1999 in the poppy fields of India.

Kea birds are crazy-smart parrots found only in New Zealand. They crack each other up.


Dresses for the Edgars!

Polka dots and mesh: This is darling, but I’d have to find it at another store in an actual size.

A most elegant LBD…

Oh, I like this little green number very much. But there aren’t enough SPANX in the world, I’m afraid.


Edgar Week is coming in late April. Wednesday the 26th is the day-long Edgar Symposium, with talks and panels featuring many of your favorite mystery authors. It lasts from 9 to 5. So much to do! If you’ll be in NYC, you won’t want to miss it. (My panel is at 2:00 btw.)

On Wednesday, I was at The Kill Zone, talking journals. Do you journal?

Have a great weekend! I’ll be right here, editing…


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Blogging: 236 words
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