Daily Handbasket: Excuse My Wholesomeness

June 5, 2017 by - 4 Comments

    My daughter has been tweaking me lately that this blog is…wholesome. That gives me pause. In uncool-mom parlance, “Dude, wholesomeness isn’t cool!” The idea of being wholesome appalls the rebellious teenager inside me. Wholesome is like…parents (mine, anyway). Wholesome is Mary Ingalls, not Laura. Wholesome is Melanie Hamilton, not Scarlett O’Hara. I would never want to be …Read More

Daily Handbasket: Sunday, 4 June 17– Sustenance

June 4, 2017 by -

  “Eating is so intimate. It’s very sensual. When you invite someone to sit at your table and you want to cook for them, you’re inviting a person into your life.” –Maya Angelou   Food feels like love to me. Providing it, cooking it, serving it–even eating it. For health’s sake, we’re often told not …Read More

Daily Handbasket: Blackberries: A Love/Hate Story (reprise)

June 2, 2017 by -

  (This is a re-post from a while back. It’s almost blackberry time, and we’re still fighting the annual blackberry battle, though there are fewer cane than in other years.)   I’m not terribly fond of blackberries. Their texture is too complex, their flavor unpredictable. When I was very young, I often confused them with raspberries …Read More

Daily Handbasket: Daydreaming Williamsburg

May 30, 2017 by -

Maybe it’s because yesterday was Memorial Day, a rather patriotic holiday, or that I’m doing our (extended) taxes, or perhaps that I’m thinking of vacations–but I felt a need to go back and look at the pics from our last trip to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. It’s definitely my favorite theme park, and very much appeals …Read More

Daily Handbasket: Memorial Day Edition, 28-29 May 17

May 28, 2017 by -

    War isn’t just about bravery and courage and jingoism and patriotism. It’s also fundamentally about grief. And the people that go and do the fighting and the dying are never the people who actually benefit from the fighting and the dying. –Russell Crowe   When I was looking for quotes for Memorial Day, …Read More

Daily Handbasket: Saturday Serendipity, 27 May 17

May 27, 2017 by -
Every Saturday, Rain or Shine

            Random Bits Of course I have to start with this week’s big news about my next book coming out with Mulholland Books. I’m so excited…Here are the all the details. Chocolate is good for your heartbeat. Duh. Italy is giving away castles and other historic buildings for free. There’s a …Read More

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