Daily Handbasket: Early June Garden

June 6, 2017 by -

Welcome back to the garden. More perennials are blooming, plus most of the annuals. The endless days of sunshine have made a real difference. Though both the garden and I could do without the 86 degree June heat. I find new flowers, new life inspiring, don’t you?                 Verdigris …Read More

Things I Learned This Weekend

May 7, 2017 by - 2 Comments

      Things I learned this weekend: Wasps can swim. Black-eyed Susans don’t transplant very well if you drown them instead of watering them in lightly. I have missed gardening. Viburnums are a bitch to trim. Rain makes weeds. Plants are cheaper at the farmer’s market. Begonias are my new favorite. Well, they’ve been …Read More

Small Bouquets

June 18, 2016 by - 1 Comment

        This time of year my house is filled with small bouquets. I didn’t grow up in a gardening family, so I came late to growing flowers. Flowers were things that grew in conservatories or in gardens belonging to people who lived in big houses. Flowers grew in small patches or pots, along the side …Read More


June 24, 2008 by - 2 Comments

Image by Kara/Infogirl I’ve always been an evening gardener. It’s as though I live in some tortuously hot place like New Orleans or South Florida where one has to rise at dawn or race the fireflies into the yard in order to plant and tend. My energy is best in the late hours of the …Read More