Things I Learned This Weekend


The moon in daytime. Not nearly as impressive as it was in person, darn it.



Things I learned this weekend:

Wasps can swim.

Black-eyed Susans don’t transplant very well if you drown them instead of watering them in lightly.

I have missed gardening.

Viburnums are a bitch to trim.

Rain makes weeds.

Plants are cheaper at the farmer’s market.

Begonias are my new favorite. Well, they’ve been my favorite for a while, but I haven’t seen many around for the past couple years.

Suited up in wellies and light clothing, I can escape the ticks.

My son can manage to get himself dinner two nights in a row.

The moon can be bright even in an afternoon sky.

One of my BFFs is hanging out in Barcelona, taking beautiful pictures, and I’m super jealous.

I’m still a little afraid of the page when I sit down to write.

Patience is not one of my chief virtues. Send me some if you have any extra, please. (My latest manuscript got both some great news, and no news last week.) 😬

Our daughter, Nora, got engaged to a wonderful young man, David Catalano. They are perfect together!


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2 thoughts on “Things I Learned This Weekend”

  1. skyecaitlin says:

    You learned a lot; congratulations on your daughter’s engagement!!! Great news! It’s also great to hear your son is becoming independent, too. What in the world is a wellie? Begonias and farmer’s markets are great! Don’t worry about your manuscript.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      Thank you, Skye! We are endlessly happy for our daughter.

      Check the Tuesday post for wellies. ☔️

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