Where I Am When I’m Away

Last night’s reading at the Brentwood Borders in St. Louis was so much fun. It was lovely to be with old friends, new friends, and family. Mandy Besemer made me feel right at home at the store, too, and even provided me with some much-needed chocolate before the event! I need to be getting on the road to Cincinnati, but I confess I enjoyed sleeping well past get-up-for-school time and can hardly tear myself away from the 1980s Tales From the Darkside marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel.

One very nice thing about the Internet is that I can be many places at once, but I’ve been remiss about linking to the blogs I’ve been visiting while I’m on the road. Last Friday (an eon ago in web-time!) I was J.T. Ellison’s guest at Murderati, blogging about religion and horror. (I find the crew at Murderati very sharp and very intimidating–I was nervous!) Saturday, Jenni Holbrook interviewed me at Murder, Mayhem, and More. And today, I’m thrilled to be hanging out with the terribly talented Jungle Red ladies at Writing Well Is the Best Revenge. I’ll be checking in there when I get off the road today.

Oh, and here’s a link (finally!) to my Flat Belly Diet review, with photos and everything. The Grand Rapids Press doesn’t keep up their stories for long, so I hope you’ll check it out. I’ll post the review here in a couple of weeks when it reverts back to me. My journal for the diet is here.

Okay, I’m off to Cincinnati where I’ll read Thursday night at Joseph-Beth Books!

(Here’s a photo of me with my dear friend Leigh Mansfield. We took our very first writing class together at the University of Missouri-St. Louis way back–well, never mind when!)

3 thoughts on “Where I Am When I’m Away”

  1. LitPark says:

    When are you coming through NY, Laura?

    I finished your book in 2 nights. Loved it. But I have to say I had more than 2 nights worth of nightmares afterwards!

  2. I didn’t mean to give you nightmares, honey! (Well, not more than one, anyway.) And didn’t you think it had a happy ending? 😉

  3. LitPark says:

    I LOVED the ending and was caught off guard by it in every way.

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