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  Hey, welcome to the very last week of February. This one includes a Bonus Day, which is kind of cool. I feel like February 29th should be a holiday since it only comes every four years, right? Maybe take a long, deep breath before March and the tumble of gray, windy days that lead …Read More

The Stranger Inside

November 19, 2018 by - 7 Comments

Kimber Hannon feels like she has complete control over her life, until she comes home from a weekend trip to find her key no longer opens her front door. She’s stunned to find a stranger living in her house. A stranger who presents the investigating police with a lease bearing her signature. When she confronts …Read More

Small Town Trouble

January 4, 2018 by -

SUMMER SECRETS…KIDNAPPING AND MURDER. Erin Walsh arrives home to tiny New Belford, Kentucky from college only to clash with her young stepmother, Shelby Rae. When Shelby Rae is kidnapped and a dear friend of the family is murdered, Erin discovers that both victims had secrets connected to the violent death of her mother seven years …Read More

The Abandoned Heart

April 25, 2016 by - 3 Comments

There is no bliss to be found in Bliss House. In Old Gate, Virginia, stands a grand house built by Randolph Bliss, a charming New York carpetbagger who, in 1878, shook off dire warnings to build his home elsewhere. For the ground beneath Bliss House is tainted with the kind of tragedy that curses generations, …Read More

Cold Alone

September 28, 2015 by -

Nicole Martin needed a job, and she certainly wasn’t daunted by the notion of working at Bliss House, an inn that has a reputation for being haunted. (And not your average distant footsteps in the hall, and orbs in photographs haunted, either.) When the inn’s owners ask her to stay overnight while they travel to …Read More

Charlotte’s Story

June 9, 2015 by -

“Murder, sexual obsession, and misogyny explode in the final scenes, bringing all the simmering evil to the surface in a shocking finale that, like in all good horror stories, is probably not really the end. You just can’t look away from this bombsite — nor forget it.” —Booklist, starred review Step back into Bliss House, …Read More

Haunted Holidays

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Haunted Holidays: 3 Short Tales of Terror Three devious divas of horror — Lisa Morton, Laura Benedict, and Carolyn Haines (aka R.B. Chesterton)—liven up your holiday fireside reading with three tales of Christmas fear. The Christmas Ornament by Carolyn Haines (aka R.B. Chesterton) — Six graduate students should know better than to party at an …Read More

Bliss House

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Now available in paperback! Death never did come quietly to Bliss House… Amidst the lush farmland and orchards in Old Gate, Virginia, stands the magnificent Bliss House. Built in 1878 as a country retreat, Bliss House is impressive, historic, and inexplicably mysterious. Decades of strange occurrences, disappearances and deaths have plagued the house, yet it …Read More

Isabella Moon

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Idyllic Carystown, Kentucky seems to be the perfect place for Kate Russell to hide from a vindictive, abusive husband. She has a good job, a new best friend, and a new man. For two years she’s cautiously happy, until the ghost of Isabella Moon, a nine-year-old girl who’s been missing since Kate came to town, …Read More

Calling Mister Lonely Hearts

June 22, 2012 by -

Roxanne, Alice, and Del were schoolgirls and best friends together at Our Lady of the Hills School. They shared the silly secrets of girlhood, but also shared something less innocent: the destruction of the life and reputation of a handsome priest, Father Romero. They all but forget Romero until they grow to adulthood, leading their …Read More