Tuesday Photos: Adoring the Burning Bush

November 14, 2017 by - 5 Comments

Eleven years ago, the Burning Bush beside our driveway was small and lonely and I thought of taking it out. It’s turned into a true beauty. I love its passionate reds and pinks, and am so glad it’s still with us. Can’t help taking a hundred photos of it every fall. I need to go …Read More

Tuesday Photos on Wednesday

November 8, 2017 by - 5 Comments

I wracked my brain for unique photo ideas for my first big fall photo post. But fall is fall. And leaves are leaves. And the colors are classic, for sure. I’m LOVING my new iPhone 7+ camera, and am on the lookout for tips and instructions to make photos better. If you know of any …Read More

Tuesday Photos: Pumpkins as Promised

October 3, 2017 by - 1 Comment

  Feeling grim about my lost decorating energy, I challenged myself (and you!) to do a little something for fall and Halloween. Here are my pumpkin, mum, and porch decorations. If you’re buying chrysanthemums, make sure they’re well watered. The two giant ones I bought were on the dry side and I spent 30 minutes …Read More

The Day Summer Ended

October 8, 2012 by - 3 Comments

Forgive my melodrama, but am I the only one who felt like the summer of 2012 would never end? I’ve done a lot of driving over the last week and, here in the Midwest, it has just started to look like fall has arrived. The first week of October is over, and the leaves are …Read More


October 30, 2007 by -

It’s chilly outside this morning, finally full-on fall. The leaves are late this year here in southern Illinois, but they had already changed and started to fall in Virginia and West Virginia where I was at this time last week. So I get to experience the changing colors twice, which is not a bad thing. …Read More